Amie S. Park

Amie Park is a Deputy County Counsel with the Office of the County Counsel, Los Angeles. Ms. Park joined County Counsel in 2017 with an extensive background in civil rights and employment litigation. Since coming to County Counsel, Ms. Park has served as lead counsel for high-profile legal issues related to reform, policy, and all aspects of litigation. She advises the Board of Supervisors and department executives from Chief Executive Office – Homeless Initiative, Mental Health, Health Services, Sheriff, and Probate. She was also appointed as lead or co-lead for various County Counsel working groups created by motion of the Board of Supervisors which focused on reforms or systems changes, such as the Systems of Care/Care of Individuals in Custody, Alternatives to Incarceration, and the Closure of Men's Central Jail. Ms. Park is a member of the State Bar of California, the State Bar of New York, as well as the United States District Court.